Employers FAQ's

What could my company achieve from the internship program?

Internships provide academic and career development. Your company can gain the satisfaction of paying forward the opportunity to learn about your specific field of expertise. You can also gain assistance in a project or in daily tasks. It is possible that the company will learn new things from the intern. The program is not meant to take the place of an additional employee, but to enrich the student and the company.

Where will I put the intern?

If possible, a designated location for that intern to work would be preferable. Making the intern feel welcome and part of the organization creates a bond that pays off in many ways.

Do we have to pay the intern?

No. You do not have to pay an intern if there is a qualified supervisor with up-to-date security clearances. If the direct supervisor does not have current clearances, then paying an intern is a possibility to continue this program.

Who can supervise the intern?

Someone with up-to-date clearances can be the direct supervisor. According to the PA Department of Human Services, a supervisor would be considered a volunteer and would have direct interaction, guidance, and contact with children; therefore, clearances are required.

What types of clearances does the direct supervisor need?

According to the PA Department of Human Services, all prospective volunteers must obtain the following certifications/clearances:
• Report of criminal history from the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP); and
• Child Abuse History certification from the Department of Human Services (Child Abuse).

Can I get them for free?

Yes. According to the PA Department of Human Services, in order for the fee to be waived for the Child Abuse and PSP certifications the following conditions must be met:
(1) The certifications are required as a condition to volunteer.
(2) The certifications may not be used for employment or any other purpose.
(3) The certifications shall only be provided free of charge to a volunteer once every 57 months.
(4) The volunteer swears or affirms, in writing, under penalty of 18 Pa.C.S. § 4904 (relating to unsworn falsification to authorities), the following:
(i) The certifications are required as a condition to volunteer.
(ii) The volunteer has not received background certifications free of charge within the previous 57 months.
(iii) The volunteer understands that the certifications shall not be valid or used for any other purpose.

When do I need to request a child abuse history certification?

All new volunteers must submit certifications prior to the commencement of service

Where do I go to get the certifications?

Certification information can be found at The PA Department of Human Services; however, click on the Clearances Link on this website to find everything you need.

What types of tasks should we require of the intern?

Meaningful learning opportunities are always a good starting point. A safe working environment is essential. They will be held to the same policies as employees; however, their safety is paramount. Daily tasks or special projects are often included in the responsibilities that are given to an intern.

How many hours will the intern work?

The time frame varies with each student. You will find out more about that student's schedule when you have an interview with him/her prior to starting the program. Any additional hours would be up to the intern.

Who do I contact if there are concerns?

Contact the internship coordinator, Mrs. Susan Scales, at Conestoga Valley High School, (717) 397-5231 x1135, or see the contact sheet for more information.