1. Am I making a real contribution?

Interns like to feel as though they are making a difference. As decisions are made on the work to assign an intern, consider the connection it has in meeting the goals of the student.

2. How am I doing?

Students are used to getting feedback on tasks. It would be helpful to show the positives first and then suggest areas on which they can work. Be sure to let them know when your schedule allows access to you for questions. If they are improving, let them know.

3. Am I supposed to attend?

If your staff is having a meeting, a training, or even a celebration, it would be great if they were also invited to attend. They will not assume they should show up, so be sure to take a moment to let them know about any special events.

4. Will I feel connected?

If there is a place prepared ahead of time for the intern to put their things and do their work, they will feel you were expecting them and feel more connected to the organization. Check to see if the intern will have all the tools for the job as that will create the connectivity needed for a successful program.

5. What happens if I am sick?

Be sure to cover the emergency contact information in case of student illness or a change in school schedules.