Volunteer Information

Pennsylvania state law and Conestoga Valley School Board policy require all volunteers to have proper clearances.

Here are the simple steps and helpful tips to make the process easy!

WHO: Adult Volunteers are defined as anyone who has “direct volunteer contact”--care, supervision, guidance or control of children--AND "routine interaction with children." Routine Interaction is defined as “regular and repeated contact” that is integral to a person’s volunteer responsibilities. A child is defined as any individual under 18 years of age.

WHAT: Volunteer Clearances are FREE and valid for five years. Whether or not you feel you meet the criteria of requirements, clearances are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED for all volunteers.

  • PA Department of Human Services Child Abuse Report - see step 1 below
  • PA State Police Criminal History Report - see step 2 below
  • Affidavit of Reportable Arrests or Convictions - see step 3 below
  • Volunteer Self-Reporting Commitment Form - see step 4 below
  • Volunteer Acknowledgement of Policy 916 - see step 5 below
  • Volunteer and Policy 806/Child Abuse - see step 6 below

WHEN: A volunteer must submit all appropriate documents below prior to volunteering.

WHERE: Hand-deliver all five documents to Denise Martin at the CV District Office

HOW: Follow these EASY steps to quickly obtain volunteer clearances.

  • Create a user profile on the Department of Welfare Website, a generic password will be sent to the email provided.
  • Login and when asked for what purpose choose/type in VOLUNTEER
  • Complete the steps and be prepared to list all addresses and people that you have lived with since 1975.
  • Save the application
  • Print certificate. Remember your Login & Password for this account. The certificate can be verified.

  • The State Police clearance is available solely online. An instant response showing “no findings,” is sent if you do not have a record.
  • Print and submit the certification form.

  • Questions: Denise Martin 717.397.2421 x0000